jazakallah khair anon

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akhi that sort of term may count as shirk

please use the alternative definition to unshirkify

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Oh actually I think it's in the queue

you are a goddess importantbirds

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Reasons why your submission may have been rejected: image was really difficult to see, bird was in unsafe environment, submission was not your image and unsourced, someone else submitted the same image.

brip was resting safely on my ferts importantbirds

but it’s okay maybe OP dislikes feets

lissymac37 replied to your post: I figured out why Canadians are so nic…

So wouldn’t that be true for New Yorkans and New Jersey-ans too? The entire Nortb East? Hmmm…

You know, it’s an interesting dynamic when you think about it. The lifestyle of people from the tri-state area is generally more hectic and more difficult in terms of maintaining a standard of living than in the west or south of the US. So I HAVE noticed that they tend to be more humble as a result. The faster paced lifestyle makes them less tolerant of nonsense, though.

Your character is basically a product of multiple envrionmental conditions.

no matter how successful I become in life, I will always remember that my importantbirds submission was rejected :’<

I figured out why Canadians are so nice! They grow up in harsher climates and basically have to learn to have higher tolerances and put up with stupid cold temperatures. They’re basically able to handle more abuse and blah blah bacon and then bam!

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One more question about the bird: since she's always out of her cage, where does she go to the bathroom?

wherever she feels like it lol. it’s not much trouble to clean up

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Omg your bird just wanders around the house as she pleases that is so cute. Is she confined to one area of the house usually or do you find her anywhere and everywhere?

she’s got her spots. she likes perching on top of the stuffed penguin, or on her cage or by the mirror in my sister’s room. But generally she only likes being where there are other humans. She gets lonely da floof


First, we take the living room. Then, my dear Frisby, we take the world.

Fresben, my smalle, has a time come learn yer rootse.  Ye mam a spinning fly disc and the paps the smallers kidn for do disk golfes.  gottsa upohold a lineages by learn the frasbles


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