What’s in your cup holder?


I hate inundating followers with overly personal stuff, but some people keep asking about my engagement, so I’ll share a couple of pictures (and reveal her url mwahaha) if you click read more.


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"Insecurity is actually a fear in disguise. Problem is, when you focus on the insecurity, you focus on trying to gain confidence about a thing that is currently being fed by fear. So instead, you establish a coping mechanism rather than realising the need to overcome the fear that is actually holding you back."
  • Waitress: do you want your hash browns crispy or regular?
  • My dad: hash browns.

Prankt it forward, I love this kind of “prank”

A message from Anonymous
This is a question about founding partners in general. Do you think if you'd have had an Arab or a Muslim partner, things would've been easier?

My partner is Muslim, he’s turkish, and yes it does make things considerably easier. In the world of business it’s easy to make a buck by turning to haram.

Random memory: When I was younger I really really wanted to see the pokemon movie, and my dad wouldn’t let me watch it unless he was there. It was so embarassingly bad I basically hid from him the rest of the week haha

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WHODABRIDE WHODABRIDE?!?! tell us more :)

Give it a week and a half inshaAllah ;)

A message from Anonymous
I watched your audition video thing and I noticed while your friend was paying on the biyo system he had to put in a phone number prior to having his palm scanned. That seems a bit tedious... no? Is inputting a phone number that necessary?

2-factor authentication is necessary in payments to ensure no false positives. It’s not really all that cumbersome.

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How much do you love your co-founder?

A lot actually, he’s like my brother :)

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